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(no subject)

It's that time of the year again... and time for a new LJ update. :P
Oh my, is it already a year since last I wrote here?
Well, nevermind...

I'd just like to wish you all a merry Xmas and a happy new year!


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Merry Christmas to you Bunny ^.^ *huggggggggs*

oooh... *hugs the whitebear*
thanks ceno :3

Hey, who be ye then stranger? =;)

Seriously though, Merry Christmas to ya, and all the best. Its a lovely pic here too as I've mentioned before. ^.^

*snugs a fellow bunny*

who me?
I'm the meepingbunny! meep! ^.^

Thanks Entei-rah! I hope you had a nice Christmas as well

Merry Christmas to you too! ^_^
Nice pic btw, makes me feel relaxed in the midst of work ~.O

Ooh thanks :3
I hope you didnt have to work on Christmas day?
*hugs the cute bernie*

Well, at least it's very quiet period to work, leaves more time for study =)

*awws at the picture* And a very happy Christmas to you as well! *hugs* =:)

*nuzzles the fellow lapine*
aww.. thanks Logan-rah :3
Hope you had a nice Christmas

Thanks Rakhan!
*pets the dogs ears*

That your heart may be always so kind and gentle! ^_^

Hehe.. thanks
o mesmo pra vc tb hweichan! :3

Aaw... fazia tempo que nao via um desenho seu Jrrhack.
Obrigado, muito legal tb seu cartao :)

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