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Snow bunny
Owen O'Possum
Due to a cold weather we had some unexpected snow - for Hamburg at this time of the year, at least.
As the sun was quite inviting outside today, I did manage to make my very first snow-man ever.
(I was born in tropical Brazil, so there wasnt any chance to do that in my childhood)

Ok, it's not exactly a classical snowMAN and it ended up a bit strange, but it was great fun freezing my fingers in the snow :P
Some photos:


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That's quite a pretty snowbunny, specially considering your background education... :)

thank you, kevu!
yeah, it was a bit tricky to figure out how to do it, but I think I managed in the end ^.^

Very nice snow bunny, sitting like a real cute bunny :D

Thanks you, Jrrhack.
Next time I should try doing a small dragon ;)

Oh yes I would lovetto see it

Hey thats pretty good.

We don't have snow here now. Its almost seventy degrees.

Whoa... I wish it was that warm here :)

Wow, that is amazing! It's such a shame the snow has to melt really. =:( We had snow here too, though not enough to lie for long, and I slept through most of it due to my messed up sleep patterns which involve only having gotten up 20 minutes ago... <.<

Hm... melt away.. maybe I could pack it up in my freezer :P
You know, you should try to sleep earlier to get your sleeping circles back to normal (or at least a bit) ^.^

Heh.. nice bunny! I like snow art ^_^

Btw, they are making some kind of competitions here every year, having also people coming from other countries. Some results are amazing, but sadly animals not the subject that often.

meep! yeah, snow art is nice.
Even more animal snow art :)

*Take off some spider webs from LJ's bunny* How many time bunney :D So glad in see you back on Lj :)
Great job! The wabbit looks pretty fine, but just a little cold ehuehu! *pets the cold blooded bunne*

*helps you clean up the place*
Now, let's just wait and see if I can keep the place fresh for long :P

Ooh, that's a really impressive snowbunny; thanks for sharing! =:)

Thanks Logan-rah.
I'm always glad to share rabbit-related stuff =;)

Aw, that's utterly adorable! Have you tried sculpting in more permanent media, like SuperSculpy? (An artificial polymer "clay")

Thanks, porsupah.
Nope, I haven't tried my paws much in sculpture yet
Hm... maybe the closest it's the bunny fursuit I've done some years ago :P

Hehehe Parece que está bem frio por ai Haw..
*neo tomando sol e refresco de limão*
ficou bonito, só faltou a cenoura no nariz XD

É, tava bem frio nesses últimos dias por aqui.
Ontem de madrugada chegou a ficar uns -10C lá fora.
Hmm.. cenoura... considerando coelhos, ela nao ficaria no nariz por muito tempo nao :P

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, tekinrabbit
It's no problem, I can understand english (but no norsk, of course) =:3

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