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Snow bunny
Owen O'Possum
Due to a cold weather we had some unexpected snow - for Hamburg at this time of the year, at least.
As the sun was quite inviting outside today, I did manage to make my very first snow-man ever.
(I was born in tropical Brazil, so there wasnt any chance to do that in my childhood)

Ok, it's not exactly a classical snowMAN and it ended up a bit strange, but it was great fun freezing my fingers in the snow :P
Some photos:


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*Take off some spider webs from LJ's bunny* How many time bunney :D So glad in see you back on Lj :)
Great job! The wabbit looks pretty fine, but just a little cold ehuehu! *pets the cold blooded bunne*

*helps you clean up the place*
Now, let's just wait and see if I can keep the place fresh for long :P

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