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Owen O'Possum
It's quite a while I haven't updated this thing (no surprise in that)
But as something quite unexpected happened this weekend, here I go...

I was reading a music/audiophile forum, when I checked a thread about GEMM (a site I hardly visited before).
The result of the search:


I searched this for years on ebay, but never found a single copy. And here it was, in a shop in the city I live, and for less than €2!!! The cover is in wonderful shape, the vinyl itself it's not bad either. The only down side, it's a fact I didn't know before: the 'Time and Tide' song is different from the one played in the movie (why do people need to re-record things on the released soundtrack? :/)
But I'm really happy I finally got my hands on this album. From here you can see I'm quite obsessed with Plague Dogs :3

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(Deleted comment)
meep! Hi!
Oh, you live an hour from WD? nice!
I wish to visit it someday too, and take lots of photos of course. :)

Btw... did you decide to come for a few days to EF?

(Deleted comment)
Oh, you mean the bunny? Yeah that's me and it was the first/second fursuit I've made. Thanks for the compliment :3
And I think that's a lovely idea to take photos in WD using the bunny suit. I'll keep that in mind :)

And about EF. Yes, I was there last year, but didn't have the bunny with me (only had the tanuki you see on the other avatar).
And yes, I will be there again this year. Hopefully with a new fursuit to debut (and hopefully I'll be able to see the cute Pup again :))


(Deleted comment)
If you saw me at EF, I guess it would be easy to notice:

... as I don't see many asiatic-looking guys in there beside me :P
(I know this photo is almost 5 years old, but I haven't change that much since then. And as I usually hate to see me on photos - without 'suit, of course - this is the most recent one ^.^)

And Pup chasing the bunny? Across WD? oh my! That would make a lovely pic :3


(Deleted comment)
Hm.. I don't know if I can take the Bunny to EF. I plan to have a new fursuit by then, and 2 suits is a bit too much luggage to carry by train. :/

(Deleted comment)
Sure.. I just don't know when, or how easy it would be thou

I think how many happy are you feel when found it, and the price are a bargain :D *hug and pets*

yeap.. was smiling the whole way back home :3

I'm not sure if I got to see it or not..probably back at the days I didn't care much for original titles of films and series..I surely remember seeing the same image from the posters somewhere but not clue about the film.. :o
However I know hte feeling when you can find something you've been wanting for quite some time..I also have a similar case..I only waited for nearly 14 years to get my hands at it..and ended getting a little more htan what I wanted :)
And when you came here you saw my "little" collection ..it's surely getting way too big for that same space you saw :P

That's interesting... Now I'll have to try to find out if/when this film was in Brazilian cinemas.
Oh yeah, I saw your 'little' collection some 4 years ago. I imagine it's even bigger now? ^.^

Cool :D A friend of mine pointed this film out to me when it was on sale in DVD format - can see so many similarities between it and Watership down (not least of which, John Hurt in the lead role again).

Though as I was watching it again recently whilst chatting to friends on IM, I was describing it as "like Watership Down but not as cheery"...and I kept being caught out by the heart-tearing moments.

*nodsnods* yeah.. both films are based on a book of the same author, have the same director and so on.

Just make sure you watch the un-edited/longer version. :3
(Which dvd did you buy, btw?)

ooh, not sure which one it is....it does have joys of guys clutching their gun-shot face and such, so I suspect it might be the longer version?

Happy Birthday btw!
Hope you've had a good day. :D

meep! *snugs*
Thanks, Arakin!

Hmm... that scene, the gun accident, does exist in both versions.
The easiest way to know if you have the short or long version is watch the movie at the very beginning. If it starts with that song - "I don't feel, no pain no more.." - it's the shorter version.
If the beginning has no singing, only sounds of water splashing, dog barking, strange sounds - all drenched in echo - that is the long one. (As far as I know, it was only released on the Australian DVD).

iv been trying to find that movie on dvd for years no luck here in the states trying to find it .

Hi! The movie was released in the US on DVD:
but it's the shorter/international version with about 17min cut.

The original UK uncut version was released in Australia (one of the dvds in the pic above):

And it seems it was also released years later in the UK as well:
I don't have this one, so cannot check it myself. But some reviews say it includes the uncut version, so it must do :3

Just remember that both the UK and Australian DVDs are in PAL and region 2 & 4. You'd need a player capable of playing them (or a pc with vlc, for example :3 )

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