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...and on the back cover of that album...
Owen O'Possum
I can't help but find this somehow hilarious:

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Hee, that's a cute suit! It's not a bunny though. *gasp*

*changes back to bunny*
better now? :P

All is right in the universe again. ^.^

See? If people had only stopped home taping in the 1980s, we'd still have music. =:) (And cinemas would still exist, if VCRs hadn't killed that industry too)

yeah.. and I wonder if the antics of the music/film industry nowadays will look this amusing in 15-20 years from now =:P

They will. Remember how VCRs killed the movie industry? We're going in circles. :p

I'm sensing a T-shirt in this. ^_^

a T-shirt... now that's an interesting idea :3

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