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something new
Owen O'Possum
A few days ago I got a friendly reminder I haven't updates my LJ in ages. :)
I've decided to post something I've been working on for the past weeks (its still unfinished thou)


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Wow that is an impressive fursuit!

Oh, my gods that's cute! You've got to show that to moodyferret. ^_^ So it's an American rather than Australian possum? (The latter have furred tails, curiously enough)

Nah... I'd better show it to people when I have better photos of it. And you have it right, it's an american opossum :)

Ooh, the tail is on now, so I'm guessing it's just the footpaws left? That suit does look very impressive, and I hope you'll forgive me if I now envy over it. =:P

meep! nope, the footpaws were already ready when I took that photo (it only needed some adjustments here and there) :3

hey hey another fuzzy critter! Its HAWT!

hehe.. thanks.
and its not hawt, but... Owen! :P

Another great über cute Haw's production =D

*snuggles the polar bear* thanks :3

(Deleted comment)
meep! it was nice to meet you too!
and *blushes* thanks for the compliment :3

Oh I hope you post on LJ Fursuit! This should be shown around!

It's funny, my friend and I are workign on grey and black Possums. Your white and brown one is FABULOUS!!!!


Many thanks :)
I'm going to post a sort of de-lurking post at the LJ Fursuit. I'm just wainting for BBF's photo shoot pics... :P

Oh my.. 2 more Possums on the way.. yay! :)

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