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(no subject)
Owen O'Possum
play dead
A photo from the EF Fursuit photo shoot.
*hops happily*

(and more here:
http://bbf.furhome.net/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=album37 )

(Deleted comment)
oh thanks.. maybe we can snuggle some in the next years EF ^.^

aw. *blushes*
no, you are the cute :3

I think you already know how highly I think of your suits. ^.^ Mind in that picture, you do look like you've just dropped down dead... o.o

meep! nah... everyone can do it :3

in fact, I did played dead. But as I didn't make much clear when I was going to do it, just me on the floor got caught into photos :P

awesome fursuit you have some perfurkt suits there in the making.
could you try to put +.7ev into these pictures they seem a little underexposed

Thanks :)
Hm... they look good in my monitor, but I usually like dark photos. :P

Fuzzles your belly! :p Cute pics!

Thanks Yakeo
*scritches your belly too*

Yours are great too :)
*pets your floppy ears*

Im gonna stick my neck out and say that I thought yours were by far the cutest pictures out of the lot ;) some fantastic poses and still just so taken aback by the sheer cuteness and quality of yoru suit. go yoU! :)

awww.. *blushes and feels all embarrassed*
thanks :3

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant to cuddle you MORE! *Mrrs* ;>

Oooh. white doggie! *cuddles*

That was YOU? Damnit man, next year post your suit's photo up BEFORE EF so some of us can actually recognise you when you're not a bunny. ;)

Also, most adorable suit of the con, bar none. I wanted to go over and hug you, but -since I didn't know it was you-... ;3

Well, perhaps because the suit was finished just before the con? ^.^
I could of course use my badge while in suit, but that breaks a bit of the magic :P
Oh well, maybe next year? *snugs*

too cute ! :)
*scritches the belly *

*scritches the meerkat ears in return*

(Deleted comment)
thanks :)
*murrs and cuddles the cute rottie*

Holy cutey! I wanna gently bit that tail!

*chuckles* as long you don't bite it off, that's ok :P

Muito legal hawthorn! adorei as fotos ^^

ah, imagina thiago.. eu que agradeco pelo comentario :3

Very nice suit there, well done! :)

Thanks! Fetch is also a cutie :3
Pity I wasn't able to chat with ya ^.^

Sooo, when are you going to hit up a big US con? Huhhuh? :D

*chuckles* as soon as I can ;)