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Owen O'Possum
...Christmas time again!
I wish a great time to everyone!

Xmas 2006

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meeep!!!! awwww merry christmas to you and glad to see you arrived ok. *hugs*

thanks Colifox, hope you had a nice Chrismas time! :3

I had a lot more fun in the evening than during the day ;) *snugs a bunny tightly*

Merry Christmas! :D
Hee, such a cute picture. ^.^

(Deleted comment)
thank you too, cute doggie :)

Happy Christmass to you too! :)
I give you a big hug! ;)

thanks! And I give you a big.. hmm.. belly rub! :)

marsupial fun and games

Happy Christmas!

Re: marsupial fun and games

*chuckles* Thanks Jedd!

Merry Christmas for you tooo!

thanks! hope you have a great time too! :)

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