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Have a really nice weekend.. and be careful with your eggs! :3

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*snugs you tightly* happy easter hon. I cant thank you and bigwig enough for having me over for this holiday. Ive loved being here with you both and couldnt have hoped for it to be any better.

Also watching you draw this image from sketch to ink to colour was inspiring - as you saw for yourself - and you truely are a great great artist :)

*hugs you tightly and feeds you a chocolate bunny he got you from the lidl* :P

meep *hugs the lion* thanks foxylion
I'm happy you enjoyed your stay here :)
and as for artist.. your picture was better than mine :P

Mmm, yummy chocolate bunnies. The ears are the best part *lick!*

Happy Easter!


But eat them carefully, bunny ears are quite sensitive ;)

Oooh, he lives! ^^ Happy Easter to ya!

*dramatic music plays on the background*
run for your lives! :P

Playing games with the easter bunny sure looks like fun. The eggs are a bonus. :)

*chuckles* just remember to run a lot
Bunny paws are quite good for running :P

I know this seems totally random, but I was wanting to ask you some questions about your Chez fursuit :) I'm in the process of making a realistic rabbit fursuit, and wanted to know how you worked your vision!! This is the only way I've found to get in contact with you, thanks!!

~ Joy the Bunny

Hi Joy! No problem :)
Hm... Chez was my first fursuit and I did the easiest way: the eyes are just decorative, I look through the nose holes and the opened mouth (having to slight tilt my head backwards).

Thank you soooo much!! I'll make sure to send you a note when I get her done ^.^ I was kinda wondering if maybe you saw through his black nose, and I just couldn't see the part you see through in the photos, he's soooo cute, I saw him a long time ago and just loved him, any particular breed you based him off of?? His longhaired verison reminds me of an American Fuzzy Lop, and his shorthaired version reminds me of a Checkered Giant!! Thank you again!! I think I'm going to go with a bit of sight through the eyes, and sight through the mouth :)

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