July 25th, 2004

Owen O'Possum


Oh man.. 2 months without a single entry on this LJ.. Id better put something here soon..
Ops, I already did it typing this  :P
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Owen O'Possum


Hmm. I just like to say Im still in awe after getting the newly released Low box set (A Lifetime of Temporary Relief).
It compiles b-sides, rarities and some outtakes on 3 cds (all clocking around 79min) + a double sided dvd..
All that for a bit more than a full-priced cd..  Unbelievable.
I never thought I would get these songs without paying a big fortune in ebay.
*does a happy rabbit dance*

Oh yes... yesterday Ive finished my picture for the Eurofurence T-shirt contest. I dont have high hopes to win, but..
as it didnt turn out too bad, here it is for who might be interested:

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