July 3rd, 2006

Owen O'Possum


It's quite a while I haven't updated this thing (no surprise in that)
But as something quite unexpected happened this weekend, here I go...

I was reading a music/audiophile forum, when I checked a thread about GEMM (a site I hardly visited before).
The result of the search:


I searched this for years on ebay, but never found a single copy. And here it was, in a shop in the city I live, and for less than €2!!! The cover is in wonderful shape, the vinyl itself it's not bad either. The only down side, it's a fact I didn't know before: the 'Time and Tide' song is different from the one played in the movie (why do people need to re-record things on the released soundtrack? :/)
But I'm really happy I finally got my hands on this album. From here you can see I'm quite obsessed with Plague Dogs :3
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