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to bunny or not to bunny..
Owen O'Possum
.. coming to EF, in a few days :3


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meep.. with pleasure!
*hops around you* :3

(Deleted comment)
nah.. Im just a normal bunny :P

Oooh, I'd been wondering what this year's was gonna be! ^.^ Have a good time there, and maybe next year I'll be able to make it over too! *hugs*

Thanks! Maybe next year you will have a rabbit fursuit too ;)

When in doubt... bunny.

But omg, this is such a cute suit!! Do you have any more pictures??

thanks! I will have surely more when I come back from the con :)

meeps....can I be the first to give you a hug? :P

*snugs* and i got the first piccies too meep!!

Aw! Very cute indeed. ^_^ Can the ears' angles be adjusted, I wonder? (Ah, if only they could be moved through mere thought..)

I can move my ears a bit, but they are not exactly adjustable (they usually end on the same position after a while) :3

Wish I was going. So cute. :3

Did you get your room sorted?

we are still on the overflow hotel.
hopefully will still get a room on the main one :3

Man, you have a new suit every year. :D

Well, probably I will stop for a while. Getting out of space to store them all :P

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