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Happy Christmas!
Owen O'Possum
I hope everyone have a great time!
Happy Holiday!

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Aww....very cute! :)

Happy Holidays to you!

*Snuggles you* :D

Thanks Bradhound
*licks your nose* :3

(Deleted comment)
Heya hawthorn! A very merry christmas to you tooooooo ^^

aww... thanks my dear husky
*huggles ya*

Thanks, merry xmass to you too! *Hugs*

Hi! I just spoke to you in the hallways at FC '08. Nice to see you!


hey hawth! this is setzer speaking, you certainly disappeared from MSN! XP

i was going through wikipedia reading about old cartoons and i found a furry reference on a she-ra page, that leads to a link to felin forum, where i found a link to your LJ XD

well, anywayz, happy holidays (2 months late) \o_

Oh.. thanks setzer. From where did you find a link to this LJ, btw? ^.^

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