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Hoppy Easter!
Owen O'Possum
Another Easter, another sporadic post from me. :3

Between now and then, the most different thing that happened was FC, which was a great con. Wish it was longer (it went just too fast). And wish I hadn't caught concrud during the con. Otherwise, it was great to meet old friends for the first time (and make some new ones as well). Looking forward to return next year. :)

Anyway... Happy Easter to everyone!

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Happy easter my lil bunny friend

(Deleted comment)
It's the High Holiday of Bunnies. ^_^

Happy Easter!!
Looks like Ricecake's was a little ruff. ;)

Dawww, cute picture! Happy Easter to you too... and not long until EF now. Hopefully I'll manage to bump into you at some point!

hahaha very good comic. happy easter (late)

Happy Easter to you too! *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
ops.. a belated thanks to you
(didn't notice you had sent me a message :3 )

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