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Happy New Year

meep! I wish everyone a happy new year! Hope 2009 brings many great things to you all!

2008's almost over now. So a quick review of the good things that happened (and I was too lazy to write down here :p )

- went to my first US con in January. It was great but on the down side, I got sick already in the first con day so I wasn't much able to fully enjoy it.

- had my first visit to the UK in april, courtesy of my best friend colifox. Had a great time, with lots of fursuit fun met some critters upclose and lots of hm... local food. Many special thanks to Colifox and also to Badgerguy and Ben for being such great hosts (and sincere apologies for not writing anything about it before.)

- went to several cons in Germany. Met old and new friends. Lots of suiting and sweating (and showers too, of course)

- made my first paid commission. Got amused cause it was many times mistakenly called an Opossum instead of a Rat (the reverse effect I had with Owen). Again, thanks for Colifox :3

.. and many other small things I cannot remember now.

Thank you all my friends for making this year what it was. :3
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