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Merry Christmas
Owen O'Possum
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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Thanks, same to you! ;-) *hugs*

thanks *hugs*
hope you had a nice one :)

Hee hee.. i like this.

Merry Xmas

thanks :)
*hugs the hanging possum*

So cute! It's a Christmas opossum?

Yeap.. its a snowpossum :)
Pity it hadn't snowed enough here to actually make one.

Eee! I'm hoping to make a snow squirrel when I'm in Denver! (Snow permitting.)

*Hug* Thanks - same to you :)

*hugs back* hope you had a nice xmas :)

There's a feet that looks easy to be-leaf. Happy end of year zanyness time! :)

Merry Christmas to you too! *hugs*

No tailsock?

Tougher than me. :D

oh.. in this case..
*robs your tailsock silently* :P

*returns it full of sweets and small presents while possum is sleeping*

(Deleted comment)
It was a good relaxing time :)

Hey ossum possum. I'm at FC if you want to meet up. Poke me at loiosh at gmail or call. I emailed you my phone number.

Actually, it bounced back. So email me or come up to room 2002 and give me a poke.

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